Plano Towing Service For Heavy Duty Trucks

Are you looking for towing service for your tractor trailer breakdown in Plano, Texas? Give us a call at All American Towing. We are a full service towing company that can handle all your heavy duty towing needs. Whether your rig is experiencing a mechanical breakdown or your tractor trailer might be stuck, our experienced heavy duty towing experts can get you out. Equally important, our Wreckmaster certified tow truck operators have over 20 years of experience in the towing industry and have seen it all.
Furthermore, we use state-of-the-art trucks and equipment to ensure your heavy truck or semi is back on the road safely with minimal downtime. Don’t let a heavy duty breakdown leave you blindsided. Have a towing service plan for the inevitable. Call us at All American Towing for all your towing needs.

Plano Towing Service For Commercial Motorists

Our commercial towing service is affordable. Every minute your truck is down, you are losing money. Our job is to help get your truck back on the road with as little downtime as possible. Helping you keep your bottom line healthy and your customers happy is always at the forefront. You can count on a fast response whether your breakdown is at midnight or noon. We have all your commercial towing needs covered, from towing, accident towing, and recovery services, whether you are a single operator or a fleet manager.

Plano Towing Service And Roadside Assistance

As a heavy-duty truck fleet owner or manager, you know big trucks can experience mechanical issues, tire blowouts, or accidents that render them inoperable.
Our team at All American Towing has what it takes to tow and recover all types of heavy trucks and equipment, including tractor-trailer towing. Whether your fully loaded tractor trailer is on its side and you need a qualified recovery team, or you have a high centered box truck and need roadside assistance. Our team at All American Towing has the knowledge and equipment to move and recover anything on wheels and more.

Are you looking for a towing company that can handle light, medium, and heavy duty towing? We can tow it all. We are your go-to towing company for everything from small to large buses, RV’s, heavy construction equipment, light construction moving, and more. And our roadside assistance services include lockout service, battery jump starts, pull starts, fuel delivery, and tire changes.

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    Plano Towing Service

    Recovery And Towing Plano, Texas

    Our team at All American Towing and Recovery 24/7 towing and recovery services day to resolve whatever mess you’ve encountered. Downtime is a money sucker, and we know this. Our job is to resolve your roadside problem quickly to get you up and running again. Whether you have a tractor trailer on its side with its load flowing out like a dam that just burst or a passenger bus on its side, we can recover and tow it all. From a dump truck stuck in the mud to its axles or, worse, its axles in the air, our certified tow truck operators will go above and beyond to secure and recover your truck and trailer safely.

    Transfers And Load Shifts

    Are you looking for a location to facilitate a load transfer to a smaller, more efficient truck? Whether you need to transfer your load to a truck better suited for your route or your cargo weight needs to be distributed, we can help. All American Towing and Recovery has everything required to facilitate a load shift or load transfer on our property from the forklifts, pallets jacks, wraps, and docks. But if you need us to come to you, we can do that too. No matter where you need your load transfer, you can rest assured your load will be distributed so that each axle carries the proper weight.

    Don’t continue down the road with an unhealthy load in your trailer. Allow our crew to unload and reload your pallets so that you’re legal and safe.

    Tractor Towing Service

    Do you have a semi-done at the repair shop but don’t have an available driver to get it to you? Or did your driver run out of open hours? Or your driver quit and left your truck abandoned. When you need a fast, cost-efficient way to get your truck back on the road again, give us a call at All American Towing. Whether your truck, trailer, or both with cargo, All American Towing will immediately get your truck and trailer where you need it.

    Load Lifting Services

    Are you looking for a company that can lift equipment and materials into place? From event setups, moving, and relocation to industrial and construction projects, our tow truck operators can lift and place your equipment exactly where needed. Rather than calling a crane to lift your air conditioning unit, transformer, or any other large, call us. We’ll save you time and money. Rather than calling for a crane, contact us. We provide the highest array of towing services in Denton, Texas, and the Dallas, Fort Worth area. Call All American Towing and Recovery for any of your equipment lifting needs.

    Plano Towing Service
    Plano Towing Service
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    Plano Towing Service