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Hello, All American Towing would like to thank you for visiting our website. We know when you have vehicle issues, it can be troublesome and very stressful. When you do have car problems, having a towing company that you know you can depend on in a moment’s notice is priceless. Whether you live in Decatur or are passing through, All American Towing is that company. We pride ourselves on being dependable, friendly, and affordable. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable. Most importantly, we place the highest priority on safety and procedures while loading, transporting, and unloading your vehicle. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service at reasonable rates. So, whether you need wrecker towing or secure flatbed towing, All American Towing is the towing company to choose.

Finding The Right Wrecker Service

Are you sitting roadside in a vehicle that decided to take a vacation at the worst possible time? Now you need to find a towing company to assist you. The fastest and best way to find a company near you in Decatur, Texas is to pick up your phone and Google tow truck near me. When looking for a company, keep in mind not all towing companies in Decatur provide true 24/7  towing and emergency roadside service.

When you call All American Towing, we provide emergency towing for your trucks and cars and roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In other words, a tow truck operator is always standing by and ready to assist you in your time of need.

Finding A Wrecker Service Through Your Insurance

There is another way of finding a towing company, and that is through your insurance company. That is if you pay for a roadside assistance plan through your auto policy.

But, when you call your roadside assistance plan, it will take time for them to find a provider that can assist you. Not to mention the numerous people you have to explain your situation too. Your time is too valuable. So, there’s no need to wait around when you can call us, all American Towing. We pride ourselves on our fast response times. And we will provide you with a legible receipt to turn into your insurance company for reimbursement.

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    Heavy-Duty Wrecker Towing Decatur

    Whenever you are broke down and you need a heavy wrecker to tow your truck, you might want to consider contacting All American Towing. Allow our team of experts to take care of it for you. Towing a heavy vehicle is no small deal; it can be very dangerous. With our heavy-duty wrecker, we have the right equipment to tow your heavy vehicle safely and effectively. Our services include the ability to tow semi-trucks, RVs, commercial vehicles, and we can even tow your motorcycle. We have a fleet of tow trucks that are able to assist you at your location 24/7.

    Full Wrecker Towing Service

    Image, you are driving down 380, heading into Decatur from Bridgeport. In front of you is a flatbed truck loaded with what looks like scrap metal, definitely overloaded with pieces hanging over the side and not strapped down properly. One of the pieces that look like a large truck part falls off. The roadway is loaded with traffic, so you have no choice but to run over it. When you do, it damages your wheel and bounces up underneath damaging your oil pan. So, you safely pull over to the side of the highway to see if your car is too damaged to drive. With further inspection, you see your tire is losing air, and you are leaking a lot of oil.

    When you are in a crash or an almost crash, it’s very stressful and hard to think clearly. That is why it’s important to keep a clear mind to determine the best way to proceed. If your vehicle is damaged or in pieces, you may require a skilled company to help you proceed. Here at All American Towing, we have the know-how and the proper equipment to haul your wrecked vehicle to your home or to the Bodyshop of your choice.

    Why Choose All American Towing?

    Why Not! We have the ability to tow anything that rolls, and we have more than 20 years’ experience. Don’t forget we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our tow operators are trained in the latest towing standards and are confident they can handle anything you throw at them. You won’t find better towing rates in Justin, Texas than what we offer in Decatur, Texas. Above all, we wholeheartedly care about serving you with the highest standards possible.

    From towing, accident recovery, and roadside assistance services, no matter what you drive, you can always count on All American Towing and Recovery. And, again our prices for towing are very reasonable.

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