What Is A Heavy Duty Tow Truck?

A heavy duty Wrecker must have a minimum GWR of 23 tons and are capable of towing loads greater than 17,000 pounds. Heavy duty wreckers are used for towing fully loaded tractor trailers, dump trucks. Semi’s and many other large vehicles need a large wrecker to safely tow the weight of a larger vehicle. They are built to tow, recovery, and lift heavy duty trucks and equipment.

If you drive a big rig and need heavy duty towing for your tractor trailer or box truck, All American Towing provides heavy duty towing and recovery services for your big rig by trained operators and heavy duty wreckers 24/7.

Heavy Duty Tow Truck Experts

Here at All American Towing, we take pride in providing you with the highest qualified towing experts and the highest quality equipment. Whether you are a single operator or work for a fleet company, our wreckmaster-trained tow truck operators will treat you with the highest respect. We have more than 20 years of experience in the towing industry. Not only are our tow truck drivers highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced, but they are safety conscious as well. Being safety conscious with your expensive trucks is highly important. Causing more damage could result in more downtime that, in turn, could hurt your bottom line. And, we’re very mindful of your bottom line, why do you think our towing rates are so affordable?

So, when you are looking for a heavy truck towing company that can provide towing, winching, unlock service, or fuel delivery, don’t look any further. Give us a call, All American Towing, and Recovery.

Heavy Duty Tow Truck For Big Rigs 

Do you have a tractor trailer that needs to be towed? Maybe your tractor trailer is rolled over on the side of the highway with the cargo spewing out? Whether you need a tow for your big rig or recovery experts, All American Towing has you covered. All American Towing is equipped to tow all types of heavy trucks, including a fully loaded tractor trailer and the skills, certification, and manpower to recover your rolled-over truck. We have the ability to move or upright anything that has wheels and even equipment that doesn’t have wheels.

Maybe you need a medium duty vehicle towed or roadside assistance. Our team can handle that too. From towing a small passenger car to towing a school bus, RV, heavy construction equipment moving, and more, we are your trusted towing support team. Lock your keys in your truck? Run out of gas? Need a jump start? We’ve got it all covered, so you don’t have to worry.

Are you looking for a heavy duty wrecker to tow your tractor trailer? You can fill out the Form.
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    Heavy Duty Tow Truck
    Heavy Duty Tow Truck

    Accident Towing And Recovery 

    Do you have a tractor trailer stuck in a man’s field because his GPS sent him down a farmer’s road? Or maybe you have a dump truck full of gravel, and your driver underestimated the slope of the surface when dumping the load leaving your truck at risk of turning over due to a load shift? No matter the time of day or the mess your driver may be in, you can count on All American Towing to clean up the mess and get your truck back on the road. Having a truck down is bad for your bottom line so the quicker you call a knowledgeable towing team to get your truck back on the road the better. Our team is knowledgeable, trained, and experienced at towing and recovering anything from turned-over tractor trailer to a full-size bus. Whether you have a heavy duty truck, medium duty truck, or even a small passenger vehicle you can call on All American Towing if you are in need of towing services in Denton, Texas, Decatur, Texas, and the remaining Dallas Fortworth areas.

    Transfers And Load Shifts

    Are your truck and driver stuck on the scales because your truck is overweight? Do you need an affordable Avondale towing service in the Dallas area? There’s no need to wait any longer. Call All American Towing. We are available 24 hours a day to help you with a load shift. When necessary, we have the equipment and docks to facilitate your load shift or load transfer on our property or come to your for a load shift. Don’t worry about coming up with the necessary equipment because we have it all from the forklifts, pallet jacks, skid steer, manpower, and even the wrap necessary to get you back on the road legally. Our crew will quickly and professionally reload your pallets so you can rest assured your load is legal and safe and back on the road again.

    Your Experienced Towing Team

    Light, duty, medium duty, heavy duty, All American Towing can tow them all. We are a full-service towing company capable of towing the smallest transportation mode, such as a motorcycle, to a fully loaded dump truck. Our tow truck operators are highly experienced and trained in the latest towing and safety techniques 24/7.

    If you have a tractor trailer in need of recovering, we are the trusted team to call. With our air cushion recovery, we can quickly recover your truck and trailer in less time than a traditional recovery. Plus, this type of heavy-duty recovery allows a more controlled and balanced rollover uprighting making the accident recovery safer for everyone involved.

    Heavy Duty Tow Truck
    Heavy Duty Tow Truck
    Heavy Duty Tow Truck
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