Truck Down Towing

Do you have a fully loaded tractor-trailer on the roadside needing a tow? No worries, call us at All American Towing. Our Wreckmaster Certified tow truck operators know the drill. With over two decades of experience under their belts, they’ve seen almost everything, and if by chance your situation is new, no problem. Their experience, knowledge, and dedication to the craft of heavy-duty towing allow them to think out of the box and solve any sticky situation thrown at them. From tricky to sticky situation, our team has top-notch trucks, gear, and the skills to get your truck back on the in breakneck time. So, when you need towing services fast, you can count on All American Towing for quick, safe, and efficient heavy-duty towing around the clock.

Truck Down Towing Experts

Yes, our heavy-duty towing service is top-notch. But our customer service is the home run of the company. Our customer is what keeps our customers coming back around the clock when needed the most. As a full-service towing company, we offer heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty towing. Additionally, we offer roadside assistance services such as pull starts, jump starts, tire services, diesel, and fuel delivery. From locking yourself out of your vehicle to your just not sure what’s going on, our team at All American Towing is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Full Service Truck Down Towing

Looking for a towing company that is equipped to tow and recover all types of heavy trucks and equipment, including tractor-trailer towing? All American Towing has the ability to move anything that has wheels, even if it’s on its side. From a fully loaded tractor-trailer on its side and needing accident recovery, or you need a pull start for your semi, we provide roadside assistance services, too. As Denton County experts in heavy-duty towing and recovery, we are your trusted fleet towing and roadside assistance team.

Needing towing services for your medium-duty truck? We’ve got that covered, too. Large buses, RVs, heavy construction equipment, light construction moving, and more, we have it all covered and then some, including lockout service, battery jump starts, fuel delivery, and tire changes.

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    Truck Down Towing

    Accident And Recovery Services

    All American Towing and Recovery is available any time of the day or night to get you out of whatever mess you’ve gotten into. When your trucks and equipment are down it seriously affects your bottom line. Our job is to decrease your company’s downtime so that you can continue to make money. We can tow and recover anything from a rolled over 12 passenger bus to a fully loaded tractor-trailer. Do you have a dump truck stuck in the mud up to its axels? Or, worse yet, do you have a trailer with axels in the air due to your inability to negotiate a turn? Well, the good news is we have loads of experience in this area. We also provide light and medium towing service to all areas of Denton, Texas, Decatur, Texas, and the remaining Dallas Fortworth areas.

    Semi Truck Towing

    Did your truck driver run out of hours? Or he did a disappearing act, leaving your truck alone in a private parking lot. When you need your truck or truck and trailer returned to you, immediately call us at All American Towing.
    Our experienced heavy-duty tow truck operator will spring into action to ensure your rig is cared for properly. Don’t wait around. When your rig is left abandoned on private property, you could owe parking fines. We can tow it to our storage lot and await you to retrieve it or tow it directly to you. Call us any time of the day or night, and we’ll get your big rig where you need it.

    Load Shifts And Transfers

    If your trailer needs a weight adjustment, we’ve got your back with our load shift services. Twiddling your thumbs won’t get you anywhere, but what will is All American Towing and Recovery. We are ready around the clock to help make your load legal and safe.
    We’ve got everything needed– equipment, docks, and the works – to properly adjust your load, whether at your location or our facility. Forklifts, skid steers, pallet jacks, you name it, we’ve got the tools of the trade to get your load back on the legal side of things. Don’t be hauling around a wonky load, risking a rollover.
    Why roll the dice with an overweight load when you can count on us to solve the problem? Let our crew do the heavy lifting (literally) to unload and reload so you can hit the road legally and safely. Just call, and we’ll jump into action immediately.

    Container Lifting And More

    Imagine you’ve got a container to move to the other side of your property. Guess what? That’s where All American Towing opens up the door and glides right in like Kramer with our top-notch container lifting services.
    We have the trucks and the expertise to hoist and relocate that bad boy. There’s no need to stress about the logistics; we’ve got it got your back.
    When it comes to our team at All American Towing, think heavy-duty trucks, skilled tow truck operators, and the commitment to ensure your container is lifted and transported safely.
    So if you need a container relocated, an airconditioning unit placed on top of a building, or any other type of machinery lifted, placed, or relocated, call us at All American Towing as your go-to professional lifting service team. We’re your go to Avondale semi truck towing company that’s always available to come and get your truck.

    Truck Down Towing
    Truck Down Towing
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    Truck Down Towing