Is Your Load Too Heavy?

Serious problems can arise from having a trailer over the weight limit. When your rig is over the weight limit, it can make it harder to stop your vehicle, thus limiting your distance from cars in front of you or not being able to stop in time when a vehicle in front of you slams on its brake to miss that cat crossing the road. It can also damage the vehicle’s axles, suspension, tires, and brakes. Then there’s the chance of rollovers from turns or sudden maneuvers. Remember the legal consequences of fines and penalties for violating weight regulations.
Adhering to weight limits is not just a suggestion; it’s a crucial aspect of weight management and adherence to weight regulations. These regulations are in place for the safety of your rig, driver, and passing motorists, making it of the utmost importance.
When your driver finds themselves in an overweight situation, our team at All American Towing understands the importance of getting your weight legal again. Our Wreckmaster-certified heavy-duty tow truck operators specialize in weight distribution management no matter the hour you need help or where you are, and they come with all the necessary equipment to make your load legal again.

 Load Too Heavy Due To Improper Distribution

Are you stuck at the scale because of an overweight load and require immediate assistance? No matter the time of day or night, our team at All American Towing provides Overweight load assistance, ensuring your truck can get back on the road quickly and legally. An overweight load could pose a serious safety risk to your trailer, necessitating recovery services. Here at All American Towing, we are about helping you get back on the road fast and safely, ensuring your goods make it to your customers on time without any issues, and most importantly, keeping you and your cargo safe.

Load Too Heavy From A Load Shift

Imagine you’re driving along in your fully loaded tractor-trailer of Perina dog food, mind you, following at a safe distance, but out of the corner of your eye, you see a Coyote running scared toward the highway. No sooner than you realize what you are looking at, the car in front of you slams on its brakes in fear of hitting the Coyote; thus, you do the same. This jolt sends your load banging on the front of the trailer, shifting your load off the axles. As a seasoned truck driver, you understand your load is no longer secure.

Our team at All American Towing and Recovery is always on standby, ready to assist with all your load shift situations. We can facilitate your load shift on-site, or we have docks to do the job and are quick to help. No matter the location, we provide all the necessary equipment to facilitate a load shift or transfer. We have the forklifts, skid steers, pallet jacks, and wraps to ensure you are 100% legal and back on the road. We’ll expertly distribute your load, ensuring each axle carries the proper weight, getting you back on track without delay.

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    Load Too Heavy

    Heavy Duty Towing 

    Around the clock, All American Towing and Recovery is available anytime for all your heavy-duty towing needs. Whether it’s a tow for repairs or to your yard, we are all about decreasing your downtime, and the longer your trucks are down, the more money it costs you. No matter the size of your vehicle, whether a dump truck, trash truck, tractor-trailer, or a 12-passenger bus, our team has the right equipment, training, and understanding to get your vehicle where you need it safely. From winching your rig out of the mud to releasing it from its high-centered position, we have the knowledge, muscle, and skill to get it back to solid ground. Do you have a fleet of light and medium trucks? Our expertise isn’t limited to heavy-duty towing needs. We also offer light and medium duty towing service to all areas of Denton, Texas, Decatur, Texas, and the remaining Dallas Fortworth areas.

    Semi Towing

    Are you searching for a company that truly understands the urgency of retrieving your semi from a driver who is out of hours? You need a service that can act swiftly to ensure the safety of your semi and cargo. Reach out to All American Towing. Our services encompass semi-towing, tractor-trailer towing, and light and medium-duty towing, all available 24/7. But our true strength lies in our empathetic customer service. We prioritize our customers, providing upfront updates, costs, and a warm, friendly service. We understand the frustration and costliness of having your rig down or in a compromising position. That’s why we are dedicated to minimizing your frustrations, whether it’s towing your rig back to our home base for safekeeping or delivering it to you.

    Recovery Services

    From towing light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles to recover them, no matter what situation you may find yourself in, our crew at All American Towing has the resources and knowledge to do so while minimizing the damage. Our team is ready to jump in around the clock to clean up your overturned rig and secure your load quickly.
    Are you transporting hazardous material? Whether you are transporting biological, chemical, radiological, or physical material that could cause harm to humans or animals, you can count on our team at All American Towing for our Hazmat. We have the knowledge, equipment, and certification to clean up your hazmat spill safely. We are certified by HAZWOPER to provide site remediation, spill cleanup, on-site soil testing, and much more.
    At All American Towing, we are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and safety, whether we are towing a car, a fully loaded tractor-trailer, or providing hazardous material cleanup.

    Your Heavy Duty Towing Experts

    All American Towing, the expert in all heavy-duty situations, offers a range of services including towing, recovery, and our specialized Hazmat services. Our seasoned, well-trained, and highly knowledgeable tow truck operators are always ready to assist you. We prioritize our customers, making them feel valued and attended to, no matter the hour of the day, night, or year.
    So when your truck is in a situation that requires knowledgeable assistance, call us at All American Towing for an immediate, understanding, and expert response.

    Load Too Heavy
    Load Too Heavy
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