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It doesn’t matter why your vehicle isn’t running or if you have a flat tire. Our team of highly skilled towing experts can provide the solution you need. Our Wreckmaster certified tow truck operators have more than 20 years of experience in the towing industry and offer dependable towing solutions to residential and commercial motorists. We have the knowledge and up-to-date trucks and equipment to get you back on the road fast. You can trust All American Towing and Recovery Inc. to get the job done right, promptly, and safely.

Denton Towing Service Experts

Our affordable towing service in Denton, Texas, is superior, but do you know what puts us above all the rest? It’s our customer service. Forthright, friendly, and understanding are just a few words describing the customer service we provide. We have the training, professionalism, and experience you need, and we provide top-notch, light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty towing and roadside assistance services on a 24-hour basis. Because we care about our customers, we put your needs first no matter the hour of the day or night. So, when you have an emergency roadside breakdown in Denton County, Wise County, or Dallas County, Texas, and need a tow for your car, truck, SUV, all wheel drive, or motorcycle, give All American Towing and Recovery Inc. a call.

Prompt Denton Towing Service

We have a great towing service company at All American Towing. With our fleet of flatbed trucks operated by highly trained tow truck operators, our team provides quick and efficient responses anytime. We provide accident towing, flatbed towing, and convenient roadside assistance services anywhere in and around Denton. When you need us to tow a car, whether a long or short-distance tow, you can trust an immediate response to help solve all your towing needs, whether you are a residential or commercial motorist. All American Towing offers professional, reliable, and economical towing in Denton, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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    Denton Towing Service

    Around The Clock Towing


    All American Towing and Recovery is available any time of the day or night to provide you with a helping hand with your emergency roadside breakdown. When your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, it’s frustrating and affects your pocketbook. Our job is to help lessen your frustrations by providing the maximum affordable upfront rate and easing the stress on your pocketbook. We can tow anything from a high-end vehicle to a luxury motorhome. Do you have a construction business and need help getting your equipment from one job site to the next? Call us. We provide damage free equipment transport services. You can schedule your transport or call us when you need it. Experience is what we have, and loads of it in the towing industry, whether you need towing for your family van or a recovery service for a fully loaded tractor trailer to all areas of Denton, Texas, Decatur, Texas, and the remaining Dallas Fortworth areas.

    Roadside Assistance

    You’re sitting on the side of the road in your brand-new 2022 Acura NSX with a flat tire. You go to the truck to pull out the spare tire from where the spare tire is traditionally kept, but the only thing you find is a can of fix-a-flat. No worries. All American Towing is here to help. We provide convenient roadside assistance and towing services to the motorist of Denton.

    If you have a flat tire with no spare, we can tow your car to your tire shop in Plano or suggest several reputable tire companies to help repair your flat tire. We provide detail-oriented flat tire change service if you have a spare tire. Other affordable roadside assistance services that we provide unlock service for when you accidentally lock your keys in your vehicle. Gas delivery for when you forget to check your gas gauge. Battery boost for when you have a dead car battery. Regardless of your roadside emergency, All American Towing has the right equipment and knowledge to quickly resolve your roadside frustration and get you back on the road quickly.

    Heavy Duty Towing

    From Semi to dump trucks, fully loaded tractor trailers or buses, we can tow them all at All American Towing. On staff 24/7 we have heavy duty Wreckmaster Certified tow truck operators ready to tow your big truck. Do you own an RV and need a knowledgeable trustworthy towing company to tow your home away from home? Look no further than us. We have the qualifications to tow your large class C motorhome, and for your safety, we carry more than enough insurance if an accident occurs.
    Got a tractor trailer on its side blocking traffic? At All American Towing, we have qualified recovery and resources to get your rig and cargo uprighted and secured swiftly. We can also help you with load shifts and transfers to ensure your truck and cargo make it to their destination without hiccups and on time.

    Fast, Convenient, And Reliable Towing

    We know our craft well. And knowing our towing craft well allows us to be efficient. And efficiency breeds speed, convenience, and reliability. Our top priority is always to manage your roadside emergency with the utmost urgency while following all safety techniques to ensure you, your family and your vehicle are off the road fast. Whether you drive a light, medium, or heavy-duty vehicle, we will go above and beyond to ensure you are 100% satisfied. No matter the hour of the day or night, you can count on All American Towing for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.

    Denton Towing Service
    Denton Towing Service
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    Denton Towing Service